What kind of logo should we use ?

We use vector shapes for logos and designs in designing stage. Vector designing softwares like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw are used to create such vector shapes. Please send us your logos saved by such softwares with extension .AI, .PDF, or .EPS. If you don’t have vector version of your logos, we can use raster images like PNG, TIFF or PDS. Hovewer the resolution of these images must be high enough to use in production. Usually, the images found by search engines are not suitable for use in production. In order to get the best visual quality, please contact your logo designer to get vector version of your logo. If there is no way to reach vector version of your logo, our designers can create your vector logo by extra charge. Click here for more detail

What colors can we use ?

For individual order, we provide 30 colors for you to use in Kipeo Jersey Designer tool. If you give order for team, you can use other colors, too, by giving its color code if any.

Can we create our customized designs ?

Yes, you can. In Kipeo Design Tool, for every model you have option to create 100% custom design. In this section, you get a blank model and start designing from stratch. Hovewer please be aware that we provide this option only for teams. You can just try it out by clicking here

Which size will fit me ?

You can use our size table to see which size fits you. If you give order for team, you can request size-set. There are different sizes of your selected wear in size-set, so, your teammates can find exact size by trying them.