Besides the design , you can enhance your artwork with logos you receive from brands or sponsors. There are 2 ways of submitting files, using vectorfiles or by rasterfiles.

Raster Images

A raster images uses a rectangular grid filled with pixels or pints. They are saved in various formats such as .jpeg .png . So most of the copys taken from the internet are pixel-based.
While most of the rasterimages are of low quality and size, this is what happens when putting them in real size.

you will notice the look gets more fuzzy and the lines are not sharp anymore. We can use images with a minimum of 300 dots per inch , but it will be still on your own risk .

Vector Images

Vector graphics use points, lines and curves to compose the logo. The big advantage here is , when we scale its size, it can be done without loosing quality. And especially for sublimated garments we need to play with the logos in order to get the best result. Most common file formats are .AI .EPS .SVG .TIFF
There are tools on the internet, converters which allow you to make .ai from a .jpeg file but we have to disappoint you , it saves as .ai but the picture remains a .jpeg.
You an easily discover wether your files are vectorel of pixelbased. Open the file and zoom in …. You see pixels?

Incase you don ‘t have the logos in the correct format:

1) company logos , brands need their logos in vectorel format for all kinds of printwork, so best request from them to supply you the good file so that their brands looks nice on the shirt.
2) If option 1 is no success, we can also help you; give us the logos that must be recreated and we ll do the job for you against a surcharge which will be given upon receipt of the logos.